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ZZZZzzz…..Jason and I are both extremely exhausted from our 6hr engagement shoot . We’re not complaining because we appreciate Spencer, Norris, Victor and John’s effort in making us look dammmnn good.  From jumping onto random bridges, walking through fields of tall grass,  to climbing over fences/wood ledges infused with potato bugs-it was tiring but I’m sure it’s gonna turn out great! 

The team was awesome to work with- thanks guys!

To all the models out there- You ROCK! I have a new appreciation for your occupation.  Posing in painfully brutal heels,  dealing with makeup meltdown and the need to be constantly creative –  ain’t an easy thing. I’m sticking with my job.

On our way to engagement shoot

On our way to engagement shoot

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For the ultimate wild adventure, there’s no better place than exploring Tanzania’s Serengeti safari. Cheetahs and exotic species roam beside you by day and unobstructed views of desert and stars by night.

Ngorongoro Crater Lounge

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge is perched on the edge of the world-famous Ngorongoro Crater at the eastern edge of the Serengeti in northern Tanzania. It lies within the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, which covers more than 8 000 square kilometres (3 100 square miles) of pristine African wilderness.


Zanzibar has one of the world’s most diverse coral reefs.  The island is extremely eco-friendly and perfect destination for  scuba diving and snorkeling. 

Fundu Lagoon –This remote and eco-friendly resort is only accessible by boat.  Wooden walkways and sandy path leads to 18 Makuti thatched tented suites- all have a stunning view of Indian Ocean.

Oooo.. and don’t forget the sandy beach that’s nearby and Mount Kilimanjaro is only a few miles aways.

Check out: http://www.fundulagoon.com or http://www.andbeyondafrica.com

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