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Some random obnoxious driver rammed his car right into the back of the boat last week. This trigger my thought on what transportation should we use on our wedding day.

Since I will not be considering limo- I will exempt it from this equation.
However, here are more exotic options:

Our floral designer told us that elephants are available for weddings at $5,000/day

Decorated Indian Elephant for Wedding

Decorated Indian Elephant for Wedding

Or consider a horse for $1,000/day


Although I’ve listed the rates of animals here, I strongly feel that it threatens animal’s well-being and I strongly discourage anyone from renting them for weddings!

For the most cost effective choice in transportation; consider options at home:

S500 Silver extremely roomy (a.k.a. the boat)


A6 Silverextremely roomy as well, but the doors are wayyy too heavy, strong thigh muscles always help to kick the doors open

ML 350 Obsidian Black Metallic (expected arrival date Sept’09) – Pro: Brand new 2010 model. You can fit 5 pets, 3 luggage’s, four human beings and still have tons of room. Con-It is a SUV.

Or the Protege 5 that has gone through our abuse through these years..hahaha. Luv it cus you can still find food wrappers from 2007. lol
For all options above- >Cost $0

Or if we ask nice enough, we might be able to ask Eric (the best man) to drive his new fine toy-A4 – hehe

IMG00078-20090606-1656 IMG00080-20090606-1657


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