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Notice that I had to put a few exclamation marks on the title as words can’t simply describe how satisfied I am to finally find the florist I’ve been envisioning!!!

Although it is a bit pricier than we had expected it to be, I have total faith that our floral designers will execute what we have asked for seamlessly.   Their impressive portfolio includes event design for ROM,  Cynthia Martyn (my fav wedding planner), Rogers, Bells and other big names…so I am sure my petite wedding will be a breeze for them to do. 

Here’s what she came up with for our wedding:

Debbie & Jason’s Floral Story Summary


 The Colour Palette: Vibrant Orange with Yellow Accents

The Style: Modern Sleek Glam Chic, with a Bollywood and Asian Nuance

 The Silhouette: Full natural blooms in Clean Architectural lined Containers        

The Flowers: Ecuadorian Roses, Mokara Orchids, Calla Lilies and Cymbidium Orchids


 Images from http://www.cynt hiamartyn events.com/

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